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Rahul Gandhi takes a cue from AAP’s victory, forms Aam Aurat Party (AAP)

After Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Will Rahul Gandhi be able to reinstate people's trust with Aam Aurat Party?

Before Delhi could recover from AAP’s surprising election victory this sunday, Rahul Gandhi has brought another shocker for Delhiites. Taking learnings from Aam Aadmi Party – (AAP)‘s victory, Rahul Gandhi has announced formation of Aam Aurat Party (AAP). Mr Gandhi mentioned that “clearly Congress had failed to connect to common people and that has made […]

Rahul Gandhi denied right to vote as name on voter card says Pappu Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi expressed his disappointment after he found out that his name on his voter card was printed as Pappu Gandhi

In a rather disappointing turn of events, Rahul Gandhi was denied his right to vote as his name on voter card said Pappu Gandhi. When local authority appointed by Chief Electoral Office at Aurangzeb Lane polling station pointed out his name on voter card as Pappu Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi’s claim of being a responsible citizen […]

What Google thinks about Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi?

Google autocomplete suggestions about Rahul Gandhi

Google autocomplete suggestions is one amazing feature to get an insight on how users of Google view a subject. The queries we see in autocomplete suggestions, are populated based on how many times users search for them. Here are Google autocomplete suggestions about Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and their usual band members – Manmohan Singh, […]

Sonia Gandhi sues Horlicks for failing to improve Rahul Gandhi’s IQ

Rahul Gandhi at CII conference explaining to women that Horlicks is of no use for their Children's IQ

“I am a mother and I will not recommend Horlicks for any child.” said a frustrated Sonia Gandhi when Rahul Gandhi’s IQ showed no improvement even after having a full bottle of milk with Horlicks everyday. “I am going to demand a CBI inquiry against Horlicks for turning Rahul Gandhi in a pappu !” – […]

Stop targeting Rahul Gandhi’s emotions, target Manmohan Singh’s instead – says Khurshid

Khurshid has appealed media and critics to target Mammohan Singh’s emotions instead Rahul Gandhi’s after they launched a series of attacks on Rahul Gandhi’s emotions in response to his ISI remark. He requested – “Please understand Rahul Gandhi has emtions. He has feelings. If you keep posing questions to him one after another, he is […]

NASA offers job of counting stars to Rahul Gandhi after he accurately counts mosquitoes

Rahul Gandhi executing complex algorithm of counting stars in his mind at NASA headquarters

After Rahul Gandhi declared his successful attempt of counting mosquitoes in Bundelkhand, NASA has approached this man with exceptional accuracy at counting tiny items. NASA wants Rahul Gandhi to join it’s project of counting stars. “Rahul Gandhi is a man of Olympian talent !” – said a spokesperson at NASA’s stars counting project WISE. “We […]

Rahul Gandhi to marry 16,000 tribal women under shaadi security bill

Rahul Gandhi practicing to receive garlands from 16,000 tribal women.

A masterstroke of UPA government has brought cheers in tribal community of Madhya Pradesh. Under Shaadi Security Bill, Rahul Gandhi announced to marry 16,000 tribal women from MP. “After the Food Security Bill, for the first time in India no one will be hungry. And after Shaadi Security Bill, for the first time in India […]